Points to be awarded 2010

7.0 The following points shall be awarded:-

20 points for a win plus bonus points under 7.4 if fielded first. 30 points for a win if batted first.

20 points for a tie. In the event of a drawn game where the scores are level the side batting second shall score 20 points as if for a tie.

The batting side shall receive 1 bonus point when it reaches 120 and one further point for every ten runs up to a maximum of 10 points on reaching 210.

The fielding side shall receive 1 bonus point for every wicket taken. A retirement out shall always count as a wicket for the purposes of this sub-paragraph. Whenever the fielding side bowl out the opposition they will receive ten bonus points regardless of the number of players in the batting side. A batting side with less than eleven players, including sides who have nominated eleven players but where one or more of their players have not arrived at the ground at the time will not be permitted to declare their innings closed at the fall of a wicket if there are no further batsmen available. In such circumstances the batting side will be deemed to be all out and the fielding side will receive ten bonus points.

9 points or bonus points obtained whichever is the greater for an abandoned match.

In the event of a side being unable to fulfil a fixture its opponents shall receive 25 points and the side unable to fulfil the fixture shall be deducted 5 points.

5.5 Where play cannot start before 4.50 p.m. (4.20 p.m. in the last two weeks in August, 3.50 p.m. in September) a limited overs game will be played. If a toss has been made on the basis of a normal timed game this toss and any decision made thereunder shall be of no effect and another toss shall take place.
5.5.1 The limited overs game shall be of 20 overs per side.
5.5.2 Bowlers shall be limited to 5 overs.
5.5.3 The side which scores the greater number of runs shall be the winners. In the event of both sides scoring the same number of runs the side losing fewer wickets shall be the winners. In the event of the scores being level with each side losing the same number of wickets the game shall be a tie.