Appendix A 2018

League Games - Delayed Starts

1.30 PM
2.00 PM
2.15 PM
2.30 PM
2.45 PM
3.00 PM

If the start is delayed by 30 minutes or less then the overall length of the game is still 93 overs.
If the start is delayed by more than 30 minutes then the overall length of the game shall be reduced
according to the table above.
A limited overs game of 20 overs per side may commence after 3.00 pm
(2.30 pm in the last two weeks of August, 2.00 pm in September) onwards.
The length of the limited overs game shall be 20 overs per side.
Once a normal game has commenced it is not possible to start a limited overs game.

1.0 All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Cricket save where the same are inconsistent with the provisions hereof.

2.0 The League shall be divided into such number of divisions with such number of Clubs as may be decided from time to time. No division shall consist of more than ten teams.

3.0 Each Club shall play such number of matches as may be decided by the Committee provided that each Club shall play every other club in its division at least once. The fixtures shall be played on such dates and at such venues as are fixed by the League Fixture Secretary unless prior approval of the Committee has been obtained. Such approval will only be given if the Committee consider that there are special circumstances and the Clubs have agreed the variation. If a Club's normal ground is not available on any specific date, then that Club shall notify the League Fixture Secretary as soon as possible and in any case prior to the A.G.M. in the previous year. In the event of a breach of the above the Committee will deduct such number of points as they consider appropriate.

3.1 For clarification the 1st half of the season relates to the 1st scheduled fixture played between teams and the 2nd half of the season fixture relates to the 2nd scheduled fixture.

4.0 Ground fitness before the start of play shall be the responsibility of the home groundsman.
5.0 All matches in the first half of the season shall commence at 1.30 p.m. and shall continue for a maximum of 93 overs. The side batting first shall not bat for more than 48 overs. At any time, the captain of the side batting first may declare his innings and any unused overs in that innings become available to the side batting second. Any part over shall count as a completed over (e.g. 46.4 overs shall be treated as 47 overs.)

Delayed start

5.1 In the event of the start of the match being delayed for 30 minutes or less owing to ground and/or weather conditions then there shall still be a maximum of 93 overs available.

5.2 If the delay is more than one hour then, unless the provisions of 5.5 apply, the maximum number of overs available in the game shall be reduced in accordance with the time available as shown in the accompanying chart.

5.3 (NOTE: examples of the calculations are set out on page 17)

Matches interrupted by weather

NOTE: In the event of play being interrupted due to ground or weather conditions the following should apply:

If the interruption or interruptions total less than 30 minutes, then the length of the game should not be reduced.

If the interruption or interruptions total more than 30 minutes, then the reduction of overs should be four for each 15 minutes or part of 15 minutes lost. There shall be no reduction in the number of overs the side batting first may receive - i.e. the side batting first can still bat for 48 overs.

E.g. suppose the interruptions total 90 minutes. The game now becomes a 77 over game (60 minutes lost reduces the number of overs by 16. The side batting first could bat for 48 overs and the side batting second 27 overs. When such interruption(s) occur the captains and umpires should agree the maximum number of overs that remain in the game.

It is impossible to legislate for all contingencies and on occasions common sense and realism should prevail.

NOTE: THUNDER & LIGHTNING: Cricketing Officials (including those who may only umpire for a few overs at a time) have a duty of care towards those who are taking part in any activity that is under their control. If an umpire feels that it is dangerous to continue because of a thunderstorm, then he should call "Time" and retreat to the pavilion rather than risk serious injury. In all East Sussex Cricket League Matches the 30/30 rule will be adopted: - If thunder follows a lightning flash by 30 seconds or less, people in the open are at risk of being struck by lightning. In these circumstances play must cease immediately. All players and umpires must immediately leave the field and must not return to the field until 30 minutes after the last lightning flash.

5.4 If at any time after 7:30 p.m. (7:00 p.m. on the last two Saturdays in August; 6:30 p.m. in September) should play not be in progress due to weather or ground conditions then the game shall be at an end.

Limited overs games - 1st half of the season

5.5 Where play cannot start before 4.50 p.m. a limited overs game will be played. If a toss has been made on the basis of a normal timed game this toss and any decision made thereunder shall be of no effect and another toss shall take place.

5.5.1 The limited overs game shall be of 20 overs per side.

5.5.2 Bowlers shall be limited to 5 overs.

5.5.3 The side which scores the greater number of runs shall be the winners. In the event of both sides scoring the same number of runs the side losing fewer wickets shall be the winners. In the event of the scores being level with each side losing the same number of wickets the game shall be a tie.

5.5.4 The winning side will receive 18 points and the losing side 9 points. For a tie each side shall receive 14 points.

5.5.5 In the event of a game not being able to be completed due to weather or light the match shall be treated as abandoned.

N.B. (i) the regulations for playing a limited overs game shall only apply if it has not been possible to start the normal game even if there has been a minimal amount of play.

(ii) There will be no reduction of overs if a limited over game is interrupted or unable to be completed due to weather.

6.0 Normally the tea interval shall be taken between the innings, unless the captains otherwise agree. If at the end of the first innings 35 overs or fewer have been bowled then, tea shall be taken in the 93 over games after 48 overs have been bowled.

7.0 The following points shall be awarded: - ALL MATCHES

7.1 30 points for a win. Bonus Points only apply to a losing team or a drawn game.

7.2 In a tied game each side will receive side will receive 20 points. Neither side will receive any bonus points (A tied game is where both sides are all out for the same score, OR where a reduced target is set owing to the inclement weather the side batting second is all out 1 run short of the revised winning target)

7.3 The batting side shall receive 1 bonus point when it reaches 120 and one further point for every ten runs up to a maximum of 10 points on reaching 210.

7.4 The fielding side shall receive 1 bonus point for every wicket taken. A retirement out shall always count as a wicket for the purposes of this sub-paragraph. Whenever the fielding side bowl out the opposition they will receive ten bonus points regardless of the number of players in the batting side. A batting side with less than eleven players, including sides who have nominated eleven players but where one or more of their players have not arrived at the ground at the time will not be permitted to declare their innings closed at the fall of a wicket if there are no further batsmen available. In such circumstances the batting side will be deemed to be all out and the fielding side will receive ten bonus points.

7.5 9 points or bonus points obtained whichever is the greater for an abandoned match.
7.6 In the event of a side being unable to fulfil a fixture its opponents shall receive 30 points and the side unable to fulfil the fixture shall be deducted 5 points.
8.0 Each side shall make every effort provide a competent Umpire and Scorer unless an umpire is appointed by the League.
8.1 Umpire's fees and expenses wil be paid by the clubs to the League within 14 days of being invoiced by the League.
9.0 The Home side must provide a new ball for the start of each innings. The Club playing at home shall be responsible for providing any spare or replacement balls
9.1 The team bowling first shall use a new ball provided as in 9.0
9.2 The team fielding second may use a new ball as in 9.0 at any time

[NOTE: in second half of 2018 season (limited overs 90/80) a new ball shall be used in both innings.]

10.0 The League tables shall be drawn up in accordance with the scoring system in 7 hereof. In the event of an equality of points the side winning the most matches will take precedence. If still equal, precedence shall be decided by the side gaining the more points in the match or matches between the sides and if still equal by the side losing the fewer matches.