ESCL Rules
1.0 TITLE The League shall be called the Parker Building Supplies East Sussex Cricket League (hereinafter referred to as "the League").
2.0 OBJECTS The objects of the League are:
2.1 To promote, encourage and foster the playing of cricket, interest in cricket generally and in particular in the County of East Sussex.
2.2 To organise cricket on a competitive basis within the spirit of the game.
2.3 To ensure that the ECB 'Code of Conduct' and the MCC 'Spirit of Cricket' be observed at all times and these shall be deemed to be incorporated into these rules.
3.1 Membership of the League shall be open to all clubs whose grounds are within the County of East Sussex or adjacent thereto which meet the criteria for membership laid down from time to time.
3.2 Any club who plays in the first division shall be a member of the Club Cricket Conference.
3.3 All clubs must at all times have a Club Welfare Officer and must adopt and comply with 'Safe Hands' and all child welfare policies laid down by the ECB and/or the Sussex Cricket Board.
3.4 All clubs shall be affiliated to the E.C.B. and the Sussex Cricket Board.
4.0 ELECTION TO MEMBERSHIP Application for membership of the League shall be made to the Hon. Secretary, in writing, not later than July 1st, in any year and shall be considered by the Committee as soon as is practicable thereafter. The Committee shall either approve, reject or defer the application without being obliged to give any reason for such decision. Any club whose application is approved shall be eligible for election at the AGM immediately following.
5.0 OFFICERS The Officers of the League shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Fixture Secretary. The officers (except for the Vice-Chairman) shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting from amongst members of member clubs and shall be eligible for re-election. No member club shall have more than one individual member as an officer. There shall also be both a Results Secretary and a Registration of Players Secretary who shall be appointed by the Committee. These posts may be held jointly by existing officers.
6.1 The affairs of the League shall be governed by a Committee which shall consist of the officers elected at the Annual General Meeting and six elected members from whom the Vice-Chairman shall be elected by the Committee at their first meeting after the Annual General Meeting. The six elected members shall serve for a period of two years, three retiring each year by rotation but those retiring shall be eligible for re-election. No member club may have more than one individual member as an elected member or as an officer on the Committee.
6.2 The Committee shall meet regularly to ensure the efficient administration of the league, four members to form a quorum.
6.3 All decisions by the Committee shall be by a majority vote with each member (including the Chairman or his deputy) having one vote, in the event of a tie the Chairman shall have a second casting vote.
6.4 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any person or persons either generally or for a specific purpose, or for a specific meeting or meetings, either as a voting or a non-voting member. The Committee shall further have power to fill any casual vacancy arising during the year and to appoint sub-Committees (except as set out in sub-paragraph 5 hereof).
6.5 There shall be elected at the AGM a playing conditions sub committee (hereafter referred to as "The PCSC") consisting of not more than ten elected members who shall come from different clubs plus the league Chairman and league Hon. Secretary. The elected members shall be elected for two years, half retiring each year by rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election. The PCSC shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman and shall meet as often as is required. The PCSC shall consider any proposals for altering Appendix A and any other matters referred to it and shall report its findings and make such recommendations as they think fit to the clubs with the notice of the AGM or any SGM.
7.1 The Annual General Meeting of the League shall take place in November of each year. The Honorary Secretary shall give not less than five weeks' notice, in writing, of the meeting to member clubs. Any individual member of member clubs may attend. The meeting shall transact the annual business of the League, consider any alterations to the rules and Appendix A, deal with any financial matters, including the fixing of the annual subscriptions, and consider any other matter submitted to the Hon. Secretary not later than the 1st September. No proposal for the alteration of Appendix A shall be considered at the AGM or any SGM unless it has been discussed by the PCSC and they have reported thereon.
7.2 A Special General Meeting may be summoned at any time by the Committee, or on application to the Hon. Secretary in writing, signed by at least four member clubs. The application shall state the motion or motions to be submitted to the Special General Meeting which shall be held within six weeks of the receipt of the application. No other business will be discussed at such Special General Meetings.
7.3 A quorum at any General Meeting shall be two thirds of the member clubs and all clubs will receive one vote. In the event of a tie the resolution shall be deemed to be lost. Resolutions altering the Rules (including Appendix A) or for admitting a Club to membership of the League shall require a vote in favour of 60% of those member clubs present. In the event of a quorum not being present at a Special General Meeting, the resolution or resolutions shall be deemed to be lost.
7.4 All clubs shall provide The Hon. Secretary with an Email address and any notice required to be given to a club under these rules or Appendix A shall be deemed to be given if either sent by post to the nominated League Contact or by Email to the Email address provided by that club.
8.1 All games shall be played according to the Laws of Cricket, save where the same are inconsistent with the playing conditions.
8.2 The organisation and playing conditions are as set out in Appendix A which shall form part of these rules.
8.3 The League tables shall be compiled in accordance with Appendix A. In the event of two or more sides having the same number of points, the position shall be decided by the greater number of wins.
9.1 A member club may give notice, in writing, to the Hon. Secretary of its intention to cease to be a member of the League. Such member clubs shall cease to be a member as from the 31st day of October, immediately following the receipt by the Hon. Secretary of such notice.
10.0 Code of Conduct, Player Behaviour, & Discipline Management
The Code of Conduct, Player Behaviour and Discipline Management of the league is set out in Appendix B, which shall form part of these rules.
11.0 FINANCE Each member club shall be required to pay such Annual Subscription as is fixed by the Annual General Meeting, on or before January 1st in each year. An inspected account for the year ended 30th September shall be prepared and presented to member clubs at the Annual General Meeting. An Honorary Inspecting Accountant shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
12.0 DISSOLUTION In the event of the League being dissolved any funds held by the League shall be paid to the benefit of cricket to such organisation or organisations as the Committee holding office immediately prior to dissolution shall in their discretion think fit.