Intersport of Lewes
Knock Out Trophy and Plate Draw 2018


The Regulations governing this competition can be seen by clicking here


list of participating clubs for 2018

Bells Yew Green
East Dean & Friston
Lewes Priory
Lewes St Michael's
Little Common Ramblers
Plumpton & East Chiltington
Polegate & Stone Cross
St Peter's

InterSport of Lewes Trophy

Round 1
Laughton CC, Sussex - 1st XI
Isfield CC - Isfield ESCL 1st XI

Lewes Priory CC - 1st XI
Willingdon CC - 1st XI

Bells Yew Green CC - 1st XI
Hailsham CC - 1st XI

Newick CC - 1st XI
Crowborough CC - 1st XI

Chiddingly CC - 1st XI
St Peters CC, Brighton - 1st XI

East Dean & Friston CC - 1st XI
Little Common Ramblers CC - 1st XI

Plumpton & East Chiltington CC - 1st XI
Ringmer CC - 1st XI

Lewes St Michaels CC - 1st XI
Polegate & Stone Cross CC - 1st XI

InterSport of Lewes Trophy Quarter Final, (28/04/2018)

InterSport of Lewes TrophySemi Final, (08/09/2018) 13:00

InterSport of Lewes Trophy Final (15/09/2018)

InterSport of Lewes Plate Quarter Final, (28/04/2018)

Loser Match 1 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 2 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 3 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 4 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 5 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 6 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 7 Trophy Round 1
Loser Match 8 Trophy Round 1

InterSport of Lewes Plate Semi Final (08/09/2018)

InterSport of Lewes PlateFinal (15/09/2018) 13:00

Intersport Trophy & Plate Competition

Matches in the first two rounds start at 2pm.
Matches are 40 overs per side, and can be reduced per the rules in the handbook by agreement before the game due to inclement weather.
New ball in each innings - you should all have collected two extra balls at the open meeting.
Clubs to provide their own Umpires for the first two rounds.
No bowler to bowl more than 8 overs. If the game is reduced, no bowler may bowl more than one fifth of the overs agreed.
In the 1st round, a result must be reached on the day (by whatever means possible). In the 2nd round, if a match cannot be played on the prescribed date due to weather, clubs have until August 31st to play (by agreement of both clubs on a Sunday, Bank Holiday or midweek evening).
The result must be on the play cricket website by 10am on the Sunday, with the scorecards completed by the end of Tuesday.
All players must be 'League Registered Players' on the play-cricket website.
Please note the new regulation for 1st round matches whereby if the team drawn at home cannot, for whatever reason, host the fixture, they may not call the match off before offering their opponents the opportunity to play the match at their ground.
Full regulations are in the League Handbook.


1.Games may be played by agreement of both teams on a Sunday BUT in the case of the semi-finals and finals the consent of the Committee must also be obtained.
2.The playing conditions are the same as 2013.
3.Results and details must be furnished to Sussex Express as for league games and results must be notified to the Hon. Secretary within 24 hours.
4.If a club's normal home ground is unavailable the game must be played on their opponents' ground. If both unavailable the side drawn at home must arrange a suitable alternative venue.