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Minutes of Committee Meeting
9th August 2018


David White (in the Chair) Chris Fox (took meeting notes) Chris Bates, Dave Procter, Paul McNally, Robin Sewell

47.18 Apologies: Received from Peter Crees, Father Kenneth, Allan Hughes, Dave Page.
48.18 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 7th June 2018 were approved and signed.
49.18 Matters arising & other issues:
a) Cricket Ball Quality, Kerala Strikers had reported a couple of balls losing condition. General feeling that given the number of balls used, this wasn't unreasonable. No further action.
b) Burwash Weald question re promotion and relegation. As previously indicated to them, there is likely to be a bit of a reshuffle as teams move to correct geographic regions, so nothing can be fully guaranteed for next year but top team in each division almost certain to be promoted.
c) Laughton v Robertsbridge 4/8/18. Match was cancelled because ground was unfit due to massive cracks in the outfield (caused by prolonged hot, dry weather). Agreed 9 points each, Laughton are doing everything they can to ensure ground is playable for remainder of season but agreed in principle that a ground unfit for these reasons is no different to being unfit from flooding after a particularly wet spell.
d) Playing subcommittee. There's a meeting of the Adult Leagues Group on 20th Aug to which CB, DP and PC? will attend. There are a number of major issues on the agenda, it's likely the results of the player survey will be available and reported. CF reported that he's heard rumblings of unhappiness with the new combined structure and the possibility of some clubs looking to break away or withdraw some teams from the league
e) AGM 14th Nov, primarily to close the ESCL. Discuss next time when Father Kenneth present as he is the guru on our constitution.
f) Annual Dinner 13th Oct at Wellshurst Golf Club, 130 maximum, sit down meal, menu choice required by Oct 1st. Agreed to offer all clubs 2 tickets at £20 each to mark the end of the ESCL with clubs asked to respond and commit by 3rd Sept. Remaining tickets to then be offered to league winners. The clubs £20's will be reimbursed from surplus ESCL funds (see below) but felt we needed to charge up front to get a proper commitment. RS has a list of guest invitees and will organise raffle prizes. PC has organised a speaker?
50.18 Finance: - We will pay for clubs' entry fee into SCL and their 2 dinner tickets, which will leave a closing balance of circa £5,500. Will reimburse clubs in accordance to what they've paid in subscriptions in the last 5 years
51.18 Fixture Matters:
a) Pett 2's v Willingdon 3's 7th July. Pett 1's had already conceded their game, and by implication their 2's therefore had conceded before Willingdon conceded, so both teams effectively conceded so minus 5 points each. Both clubs are expecting this outcome.
b) Heathfield Park 3's v BYG 4's 9th June. Match abandoned due to a dangerous pitch, already discussed via email and confirmed 9 points each. Some discussion on suitability of Five Ashes as a fit venue.
c) Willingdon 3's v Crowhurst Park 4's 23rd June. Crowhurst Park turned up for game unaware Willingdon had conceded. Agreed no further action, genuine miscommunication.
d) Intersport Trophy and Plate
Trophy semi-finals
Lewes Priory v Hailsham
St Peters or Little Common v Plimpton
Final to be hosted at winners of Lewes Priory V Hailsham ground
Plate semi-finals
Laughton or Willingdon v Crowborough
Chiddingly v Ringmer
Final to be hosted by Crowborough
PMcN to sort out trophies medals etc. and to collect trophies from last years' winners. PMcN also to arrange umpires.
52.18 Umpire Matters
Less disciplinary issues than in previous years, only 4 so far. Uncertain as to whether this is better player behaviour, possibly down to law changes, or whether it's that issues aren't being reported.
53.18 Play-Cricket Reporting & Registration of Players: No Longer any ESCL input.