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Last updated: Friday 20 April, 2018

The fixtures (now compiled centrally by Richard Prokopowicz and not by ESCL) are currently online: click here to view them

A message from Andy Shanks
regarding Umpires' Match Reports 2018

"Amongst some confusion, it has now been decided that ESCL umpires will submit their reports to David White on the same forms as last year. This applies for the 2018 season only."

Player Registration

All players in the Sussex Cricket League have to be registered online through their Club's Play-Cricket website. The fielding of unregistered or improperly registered players may result in potentially severe penalties.

It is safer for a club to register all its bona fide playing members before the start of the season.

For full details, please read the document available by going to the appropriate page of the SCL's website.

Changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

Following the views expressed by member clubs at the recent Open Meeting, it has been necessary to revise the previously circulated Summary of Changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code.

I have therefore sent by email the latest version to league contacts with those changes incorporated (kindly amended by David White), for your league contact to circulate to all captains and officials who will need to be acquainted with them before the season begins.

Below we have listed various useful LINKS

ECB Guidance Note: Safety Measures for Helmets within Recreational Cricket - LINK

Ground, Weather, Light Guidance - LINK

Juniors In Open-Age Cricket - LINK

ESCL Over-40s - historical playing records

to view these records click here
Peter Hartland

ECB ACO Summary of MCC Law Changes 2017

A new Code of the Laws of Cricket has been approved by the MCC Committee and became effective from 1st October 2017; it includes significant changes to the Laws.

It is strongly recommended that players look at the MCC Summary of Changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code (April 2017) on the MCC web site; the new Blue Laws Book of the 2017 Code and the MCC free on-line e-learning programme.

Please also note the item above Changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code

ESCL Seasons 2018

In 2018 the ESCL league season will run from Saturday 5th May to Saturday 1st September inclusive.




Next committee meeting Thursday 10th May 2018 at 7.00 pm at Buxted Park
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