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Last updated: Sunday 21 January, 2018

Click the link to get a report of the results in each of the 12 Divisions for the 2016 season.

ESCL 2018 Directory & Handbook – club details’ update

I have written to all registered League Contacts asking for an update to the details we hold of officers and facilities of each club, by the end of February. If your club has not yet received this email, please let me know, so that a further copy can be sent.

Thank you to the 20 clubs who have already responded: Battle C.C.; Buxted Park C.C.; Crowhurst Park C.C.; Denton C.C.; Glynde & Beddingham C.C.; Hadlow Down MW C.C.; Hastings & St Leonards Priory C.C.; Herstmonceux C.C.; Isfield C.C.; Lewes Priory C.C.; Linden Park C.C.; Newick C.C.; Nutley C.C.; Ringmer C.C.; Robertsbridge C.C.; Selmeston & Alciston C.C.; Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club C.C.; Uckfield Anderida C.C.; Westfield C.C. and Willingdon C.C.

ECB Small Grant Scheme

Dear club,
A reminder that the closing dates for clubs to apply for funding under the EWCT Small Grants scheme is the 23rd of February.
Any club with questions about the criteria or application process are encouraged to get in touch. Kind regards, Hamish

Hamish Russell, Youth Participation Officer, Wealden
07749 580957; Sussex Cricket, The 1st Central County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove BN3 3AN

ESCL Seasons 2018

Notice is given that in 2018 the league season will run from Saturday 5th May to Saturday 1st September inclusive

Below we have listed various useful LINKS

ECB Guidance Note: Safety Measures for Helmets within Recreational Cricket - LINK

Ground, Weather, Light Guidance - LINK

Juniors In Open-Age Cricket - LINK

Old Dartechs CC based in Dartford

Following on from our fantastic tour last year to Hastings and Battle we have decided to stay in the vicinity this year and are concentrating on making Eastbourne our base.

We have secured a Friday game vs Seasalter and a Sunday match vs Eastbourne Downs. As always finding a Saturday fixture is proving difficult but in the past we have found great help by contacting local leagues and asking (once they are published) if the league secretary can point us in the direction of clubs who have a gap on our given date.

This year we are looking for a game on the 23rd of June and hence my email.

I do hope you can help and its not too much of an imposition to ask

Cheers, Yours in sport, Pete - OldDartechsCC@hotmail.com

Brightwell cum Sotwell Cricket Club

We are Brightwell cum Sotwell Cricket Club based in South Oxfordshire and play Sunday Friendly Cricket. We are on tour in Sussex this coming August.

We have now been offered fixtures for Friday and Sunday, but are still looking for a fixture on the Saturday 4th August – playing an afternoon game on that day. We understand the challenge of Saturday fixtures because of league matches.

Are you be able to assist us in East Sussex in initially contacting clubs?


Tony Windsor
Secretary BCS Cricket Club
Tel: + 44 7909 848098
Email: tonywindsor2@gmail.com
Web Site: www.pitchero.com/clubs/brightwell-cum-sotwell
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/brightwellcumsotwellcricketclub/

ESCL Over-40s - historical playing records

to view these records click here

Peter Hartland

Umpires' & Captains' Meeting

This is scheduled for Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 7.30 pm at Buxted Park CC - Paul Fuller is to be invited.




Fixtures for the 2018 Season

These have been sent to all registered League Contacts.

If you have not received them, please let Dave Procter or Kenneth Jeffery know, so that a copy can be sent to you.

The fixtures (now compiled centrally by Richard Prokopowicz and not by ESCL) are also now online: click here to view them

ESCL Clubs listed Alphabetically by Club, Team then ESCL Division & (in brackets, SCL Division)

Alfriston 1st XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Barcombe 2nd XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Battle 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Battle 2nd XI, 8 (SCL 12E); Bells Yew Green 2nd XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Bells Yew Green 3rd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Bells Yew Green 4th XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Bexhill 3rd, XI 4 (SCL 8E); Bexhill 4th XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Bexhill 5th XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Blackboys 1st XI, 5 (SCL 9E); Burwash Weald, 8 (SCL 12E); Buxted Park 2nd XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Buxted Park 3rd XI, 8 (SCL 12E); Chiddingly 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Chiddingly 2nd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Crowborough 1st XI, 5 (SCL 9E); Crowborough 2nd XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Crowhurst Park 2nd XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Crowhurst Park 3rd XI, 8 (SCL 12E); Crowhurst Park 4th XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Denton 1st XI, 5 (SCL 9E); Denton 2nd XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Dicker 1st XI, 5 (SCL 9E); Ditchling 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Ditchling 2nd XI, 5 (SCL 9E); East Dean & Friston 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); East Dean & Friston 2nd XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Eastbourne 3rd XI 5 (SCL 9E); Firle 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Fletching 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Glynde & Beddingham 2nd XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Glynde & Beddingham 3rd XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Hadlow Down 1st XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Hailsham 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Hailsham 2nd XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Hailsham 3rd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Hailsham 4th XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Hastings & St Leonards 3rd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Heathfield Park 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Heathfield Park 2nd XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Heathfield Park 3rd XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Hellingly 2nd XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Hellingly 3rd XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Hellingly 4th XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Herstmonceux1st XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Herstmonceux 2nd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Iden 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Isfield 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Isfield 2nd XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Kerala Strikers Sports 1st XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Laughton 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Laughton 2nd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Lewes Priory 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Lewes Priory 2nd XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Lewes St Michaels 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Lewes St Michaels 2nd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Linden Park 3rd XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Linden Park 4th XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Linden Park 5th XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Little Common Ramblers 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Little Common Ramblers 2nd XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Little Common Ramblers 3rd XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Maresfield 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Maresfield 2nd XI, 8 (SCL 12E); Mayfield 3rd XI 5 (SCL 9E); Mayfield 4th XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Newhaven, 4 (SCL 8E); Newick 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Newick 2nd XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Nutley 1st XI, 5 (SCL 9E); Pett 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Pett 2nd XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Pevensey 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Pevensey 2nd XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Polegate & Stone Cross 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E) ; Polegate & Stone Cross 2nd XI, 7 (SCL 11E); Ringmer 1st XI, 1 (SCL 5E); Ringmer 2nd XI 5 (SCL 9E); Ringmer 3rd XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Robertsbridge 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Robertsbridge 2nd XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Robertsbridge 3rd XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Rotherfield, 4 (SCL 8E); Rye 2nd XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Rye 3rd XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Seaford 2nd XI, 4 (SCL 8E); Seaford 3rd XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Seaford 4th XI, 9 (SCL 13E); Selmeston & Alciston 1st XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Sidley, 8 (SCL 12E); St Peters 2nd XI, 3 (SCL 7E); St Peters 3rd XI 5 (SCL 9E); St Peters 4th XI, 8 (SCL 12E); St Peters 5th XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Tunbridge Wells 4th XI, 8 (SCL 12E); Tunbridge Wells Borderers 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Tunbridge Wells Borderers 2nd XI, 10 A (SCL 14E (N)); Uckfield Anderida 1st XI, 3 (SCL 7E); Uckfield Anderida 2nd XI, 8 (SCL 12E); Wadhurst, 8 (SCL 12E); Westfield, 7 (SCL 11E); Westfield 2nd XI 10 (SCL 14E (S)); Willingdon 1st XI, 2 (SCL 6E); Willingdon 2nd XI, 6 (SCL 10E); Willingdon 3rd XI, 9 (SCL 13E)

Next committee meeting Thursday 25th January 2018 at 7.00 pm at Buxted Park
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